Key Features of our Web Hosting Service

  • High speed backbone connections
  • Low contention servers (high performance)
  • Multiple locations across Europe and the USA
  • Full nightly backups
  • Highly expandable infrastructure
  • Quick install Apps (incl WordPress)
  • Tech support 24/7

Please read the Terms and Conditions of our Web Hosting Partner Hostsynergy, these are applicable to all website hosting accounts set up and managed by Orangebox Digital.

Web Hosting Terms

Our Partner for Website Hosting is Hostsynergy

Tech Support is Excellent

Secure reliable hosting services

Cutting Edge Servers

Low number of sites per server

Fast Reliable Web Hosting, Technical Support 24/7

Free Quick Install Apps (incl WordPress) with Managed Updates Service

Orangebox Digital provides web clients with high performance website hosting. Hosting is on servers providing super fast connections with no bandwidth limits.

Each website hosting account is set up on low contention, high performance servers, backed by fully redundant DNS and backup servers in multiple locations across Europe and the USA.

Our trusted web hosting partner Hostsynergy gives us efficient hosting services and a high level of personal technical support whenever we need it. The management of the remote server hosting environment is carried out in a responsible and reliable way, privacy and security of the sites hosted is maintained and the proper systems are in place to provide protection from hacking and malware.

A full backup of your site is created every night and stored in two independent secure locations. We give a 100% guarantee your data is safe in the event of any failure. Any hosting issues are logged and dealt with ASAP.

With a Platinum Hosting Account everything is covered, including technical support 24/7. Admin support is available for quick install Apps, security updates and web software version updates are managed as part of the service.

Logo-Wordpress-Content Management System

Web Software for beautiful designs, with powerful features

With every version update and new features, WordPress gets even better! The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers and is free to download and install.

Security of your website is maintained with our Managed Updates Service

Keeping your site online and secure is a priority – we make checks every time your web software is updated.

The App software, eg WordPress Content Management System (CMS), Theme and Plugins, is installed on the remote servers managed by our web hosting partner Hostsynergy.  The ‘server-side’ software is managed via control panel software to ensure the hosting environment is updated and automatic checking systems are in place (for security etc) to ensure the websites we host are monitored and online. All App software used to manage the website content needs updating regularly and we carry out ‘managed updates’ as releases become available. Website security is taken seriously and there are systems and procedures in place to deal with hackers and other security issues relating to web hosting services.

The websites we manage are checked after software updates to make sure they display correctly. We carry out Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Reviews using the latest browsers and devices and lists of relevant keywords. These searches give us an idea of the page rank and keywords can be added and adjusted as necessary to improve the position in the search engine results listings.

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