Shop Web Design, eCommerce Websites – shopping cart setup and product uploads for retailing products online

Shop Web Design, eCommerce Websites – shopping cart setup and product uploads for retailing products online

Shop Web Design, Content Management and Admin Support for Online Retailers

Orangebox Digital provides shop web design services for online retailers. We deliver eCommerce solutions, powered by the latest shopping cart software for easy shop management and a great customer experience.

We provide a complete design service to get your shop website up and running. When it is live,  you can rely on backend admin support relating to the shop management and product uploads. We design small to medium size online shopping solutions at affordable prices.

The branding and styling of a shop website is important. It has to be given a strong brand identity and a lively homepage to make the shop memorable and encourage return visits.

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Shop Web Design using WordPress with WooCommerce Plugin

Orangebox Digital can add a shopping cart to your WordPress website, manage the design and setup, to give you an online shop to sell your products online. As part of the design and setup, we make sure the copywriting (product details, specifications etc) and branding is what you require to promote sales of your products. To establish your brand, care needs to be taken throughout the shop web design process. Quality image uploads and good SEO copywriting will go a long way to promote and establish your store ‘naturally’ and give you a high page rank for relevant keyword searches. We provide ongoing admin and content management support services to help you with product uploads.

With the WooCommerce Plugin any WordPress site can be transformed into an eCommerce website with all the features you expect from a shopping cart. WooCommerce is built to integrate smoothly with WordPress and products can be easily uploaded and kept updated via the backend Admin Control Panel. This plugin is the ideal way to start selling online where your requirement is for a small to medium shop. WordPress is one of the Free Quick Apps available with our Platinum Web Hosting package.

Shopping Cart setup, including product uploads, payment plugin and delivery options

Your shop website can be used to showcase ALL of your products and promote and sell selected products at SPECIAL OFFER PRICES. Online shop websites make buying using credit and debit cards so easy, day or night.

As a retailer, you need to open a Merchant Account with PayPal, WorldPay, Sage Pay or other merchant account services provider in order for Orangebox to apply the settings that will enable your customers to connect to the Payment Gateway for your merchant account. The payment options are accessed by logging into the backend control panel of the shopping cart system.

We utilise the best feature-rich Shopping Cart Software Systems available, delivering flexibility and control in the shop management backend and a great customer experience frontend.

Shop management settings include options for delivery, discounts, rewards etc and are all controlled through the backend. With Orangebox to help you with the set up and promotion side of things, you can have a shop that is running in a way that is right for your business. We can help you to develop brand loyalty and attract customers to buy products from you online.

There are lots of ways to encourage return visits and loyalty, including:

  • Points Rewards on Purchases
  • Sales and Special Offers
  • Email Reminders
  • Wish Lists
  • Gift Cards
  • Credit System
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