Project Description

After the success of the 56 page A4 Product Brochure, ‘Endmills for Steel/Copper’, Orangebox was given the job of producing another 4 product brochures for Rainford Precision:

  • Drills, Threadmills and Reamers (24 Page)
  • Endmills for Cast Iron (12 Page)
  • Samurai Endmills (16 Page)
  • Diamond-Coated Endmills (20 Page)

The brochures contain technical information on endmills, drills, threadmills and Reamers, precision cutting tools. Each cover features a close-up shot of a particular group of tools. The lighting skills of our professional photographer were put to the test shooting these very small products (some of them micro). Colour coding was used to differentiate product groups. PDF versions of the brochure pages were published on the client’s website.