Orangebox Digital seriously creative when it comes to uploading web content

Fresh ideas to promote your business online

Orangebox provides web services to help you manage your web content, working hard to come up with eye catching graphics and text content that your customers will want to read. We take your ideas and come up with design concepts that attract the right kind of attention to get results. We aim to please humans, without neglecting the SEO in our copywriting and editing.

FAQs, PDF Downloads, well written News posts, as well as online advertising with backlinks to your site are proven strategies that work to increase traffic to your website.

As more people are attracted to your site, the number of page views increase. When this happens, Google (and other search engines) automatically up-rank your web pages, displaying them higher up in the search results listings. With improved site visibility, comes an increase in enquires and more business for your company.

Social Media and Video Uploads are another way to attract attention and promote your products online. With enough subscribers to your Vimeo and YouTube Channel the word soon gets around about your business.

Email Marketing and Newsletters sent to customers on a regular basis encourage brand loyalty, helping to generate sales. Shop website news with special offers and discount codes encourage click through and purchases. We recommend using Automated Email Systems (like MailChimp) to deliver email to an identified and targeted audience.

Website Content Management

When a new website goes LIVE, this is an exciting moment. You will be keen to find out how popular it is, how it performs over time in searches. Is it easy to find using the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo?  The feedback you get from new and existing customers and what you find out about who is browsing your website affects what you do next. Inevitably, you will start asking the question, how can you can attract more traffic to maximise on your investment.

At Orangebox, we understand how important your company website is to your business, the way it performs is key to maintaining confidence in your brand, promoting your products and letting everyone know about your services.

This is why we offer clients our Website Content Management Service to manage uploads and edits to their website. With proper content management, the high quality of the web design, branding and SEO can be maintained, whilst keeping the content up-to-date.

SEO – Keywords are still important for improving page rank in search result listings

SEO Copywriting is an important part of any website design. This is why we carry out market research and take a look at your competitors websites to check out what they say before embarking on the web design. Unique keywords relevant to how you do business, carefully crafted descriptions of your products and services are what make your web pages visible to search engines and get you higher in search result listings.

Orangebox Digital provides a copywriting and editing service to prepare help your text ready for upload. As well as making sure the spelling is correct, we try to make the wording easy to read and lively.

If you keep your site updated, making content changes and adding new content on a regular basis you are much more likely to increase page views. Web pages with ‘answers to questions’ or FAQs, regularly come up in search results and are worthwhile additions to your content.

WordPress is the content management system we use for most of the websites we design. It has features and plugins that make it search engine friendly, making search engine optimisation easier.