Orangebox Digital offers a range of web development and support services

Website Content Management Service

After your website has been launched and you have had time to review the content, this is when you will find our Content Management Service most useful.

This service is provided for website development purposes, to ensure your web content is up-to-date. We make it easy for you to have new content on your site. Images and text content can be changed on existing web pages, PDFs uploaded, and new pages and posts added.

We are always willing to discuss new ideas our clients have for their websites to make improvements or fulfil a marketing objective. Where possible, we assist with Social Media Posts, Video Uploads, Email Marketing and the production of Newsletters.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is made easier in part because Orangebox Digital uses WordPress which is search engine friendly, for most of our websites. Good copywriting is an important part of SEO.

As part of the web design process we include relevant keywords in Titles, Headings and Meta descriptions. These keywords and phrases are used to describe your business, products and services, making your web page visible to search engines and increasing page views.

SEO Copywriting is usually necessary to improve the draft text you supply before it is uploaded. We find this service is appreciated by our clients in avoiding grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. With careful editing, keywords are inserted whilst keeping it lively and interesting to read. After reading through the text you provide, we may make suggestions for improvements, such as  including a list of ‘benefits/advantages’ and adding ‘answers to questions’ (FAQs) as this kind of information is searched for regularly and will help attract visitors to your web pages.

When a new website goes LIVE, this is an exciting moment. You will be keen to find out how popular your web pages are, what position they appear in Search Engine results pages when people make keyword searches online.

Feedback you get from new and existing customers will help you to find out who is browsing your website. There are also Website Analytical Tools (such as Google Analytics) that can be used on your website to track visitors and provide data over time.

There are also Web Tools and WordPress SEO Plugins we can use to assist with search engine optimisation of your website.