Orangebox Digital creative graphic design, online marketing, fresh ideas to promote your business!

Creative Digital Design for Web Adverts, Banners, Brochures, Downloads and Email Newsletters

Orangebox provides Creative Digital Design services to help you reach a targeted audience with your marketing campaigns. We take your ideas and come up with concepts that attract attention get results. We produce layouts with catchy headlines and include SEO in the copywriting.

Web Banners, Brochures, Downloads and News Articles with backlinks to your Homepage, published on high ranking websites that have information relevant to your industry, products and services – will increase traffic to your website.

Digital Adverts uploaded to the right ‘trade/industry’ online magazines, internet forums and business news websites, are one of the easiest ways to promote your website and get the right people to click through and browse your webpages.

When more traffic gets directed to your website and page views increase, search engine results improve and your webpages are up-ranked. With site visibility improvements, you are more likely to get the enquires and leads resulting in an increase in business for your company.

Product Review/Comparison websites, Online Directories, Social Media, Online Videos – there are so many ways to reach a targeted audience and increase traffic to your site.

The setting up of a Video Channel for publishing product demonstrations on hosting platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube, is definitely worth considering as part of your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing is another way to achieve an increase in traffic to your website and sell more products. Regular contact with customers and subscribers via email Newsletter encourages brand loyalty and helps to generate more sales. Automated Email Systems (like MailChimp) deliver email to an identified and targeted audience. Newsletters can contain links to a Landing Page with special offers to encourage online purchases, very useful for eCommerce and online shop websites.

Website Content Management

When a new website goes LIVE, this is an exciting moment. You will be keen to find out how popular it is, how it performs over time in searches. Is it easy to find using the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo?  The feedback you get from new and existing customers and what you find out about who is browsing your website affects what you do next. Inevitably, you will start asking the question, how can you can attract more traffic to maximise on your investment.

At Orangebox, we understand how important your company website is to your business, the way it performs is key to maintaining confidence in your brand, promoting your products and letting everyone know about your services.

This is why we offer clients our Website Content Management Service to manage uploads and edits to their website. With proper content management, the high quality of the web design, branding and SEO can be maintained, whilst keeping the content up-to-date.

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, adding the right keywords to your site to improve page rank

SEO Copywriting is an important part of any website design. The websites produced by Orangebox are no exception. We take the time to come up with lively headlines that read well and look good on modern devices with ‘responsive’ layout. We include keywords important for your business, products and services, making sure your webpages can be found in searches, ie they are fully search engine optimised.

Orangebox provides Website Content Management Services to ensure uploads to the sites we look after are done correctly. Images are optimised to make them fast loading and text uploads are edited and checked for inclusion of relevant keywords. Image descriptions and meta tags are important for SEO and keywords are included.

Changes to existing content to keep it up-to-date and the addition of new content are proven ways to get more traffic to your webpages. We take a client’s draft text and edit it before uploading it, to be sure it will look good and read well on the webpage. We encourage our clients to provide unique information and knowledgeable answers, where this is possible, to give them the edge on competitors.

We take care to insert relevant keywords in a ‘natural’ way to make the text flow easily, making it very readable to keep the visitor’s attention. There are lots of ways we can improve your copywriting and help you to generate copy that is clear and concise. We all respond to a bit of clever banter and the occasional injection of some witty and humorous wording makes for more lively copywriting.

Online searches for ‘answers to questions’ or ‘FAQs’ are very popular with audiences and are desirable content to add to your website to increase traffic and improve search engine results for your webpage. The ‘snippet’ you read in search engine results should be definitive and encourage click through to your website.

WordPress is the content management system we use for most of the websites we design and it has features and plugins that make it search engine friendly. With this system, the job of making sure a site is search engine optimised is made easier.