I, like many others, believe this UK Government rule enforcing ‘compulsory mask wearing in English shops’ to be nefarious and completely unnecessary.

It is supposed ‘to give people confidence?’
For me and many others, it is distressing and has the opposite affect. I now struggle to go shopping and have to order essential groceries  online.

It is supposed to ‘keep us safe?
Wearing a flimsy face covering does not stop the spread of cold viruses! It is potentially dangerous to health (especially when worn as a fashion accessory) and can cause psychological distress, panic attacks and a feeling of being in danger from others.

What can we can do about this? Non Compliance!

We can all make the decision to stop mask wearing and social distancing, ignore the propaganda and try to live our lives without the fear the UK Government is trying to propagate to end our freedom.

There is also a Petition you can sign to:

‘Repeal the decision to implement compulsory face coverings in English shops.’
Reverse the decision to implement compulsory face coverings in English Shops.

This Petition has prompted the Government response, given on 14 August 2020:

‘People must play their part to reduce the spread of the virus. Wearing a face covering helps this, giving people the confidence to return to shops safely, and better protects those who work in retail.’

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