Multimedia Production, Video, Digital 3D Animation and Brand Character Creation

– for business websites, online marketing, trade shows, corporate events

Multimedia Video Productions published on your website or shown at corporate events are an effective way to engage an audience.  A lot of people prefer to watch a video rather than read text.

Video with 3D Animation sequences are useful to demonstrate how something works or is put together. Technical engineering drawings (ie Autocad drawings) can be used in the production of a video designed to help you with the marketing of a product.

Video productions with animation, music, voiceovers and text captions can be enjoyable to watch and help to communicate a lot of information to your audience in a relatively short period of time.

Why add videos to your website?

  • Video content increases the time visitors spend on your website
  • Visitor bounce rate is reduced when Video is added to a web page
  • More attention is given to information contained in Video
  • Visitors are more likely to remember information presented through video

Orangebox Digital works with multimedia specialists, providing art direction and and project management services. Contact us if you would like to commission the production of a video which includes 3D animation sequences.

Featured Animation: ‘Dragonfly Animation’ – Video created by Mike Martin 3D Character created for a web design project.

Featured Animation: ‘Area 62 Leaked Video’ – Promotional Video created by Mike Martin.

Mike Martin specialises in animation and multi-media projects. He is a very experienced technical illustrator with an engineering background. This combination of skills was put to good use when he collaborated with Orangebox on the production of a series of web videos for CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc and Pipeline Induction Heat Ltd.

Great use of 3D animation, the videos work really well to demonstrate how the products are used, very useful for the marketing team.