Logo design and brand development

At Orangebox Digital, we have the creative background in graphic design and the skills in producing artwork for print and digital reproduction, to deliver a solution that will get your company noticed.

Whether you are launching a new business or you want to develop an existing brand, you want everyone to be impressed with your Logo Design. It needs to be memorable and make a favourable impression on whoever sees it and wherever it is applied, ie in print and digital media.

Orangebox Digital produces company logos that are carefully thought out to be effective in promoting the business, are fit for purpose, and inspire confidence and trust in your brand. All finished logo artwork we output for your in-house use, for print design jobs, such as Business Cards and Brochures, and for digital design, ie for upload to your website, are sized and optimised to meet the correct specifications that will guarantee perfect reproduction.

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Considered branding solutions

At Orangebox Digital, we always puts enormous creative effort into each logo design we produce. We work hard to provide our clients with considered branding solutions that say something about their company, are interesting typographically and memorable. A logo is usually a combination of graphic icon and namestyle which is key to creating the brand identity of a business.

In a marketing campaigns the logo is applied to printed material and digital media productions. A great logo triggers brand recognition and should look good where they are applied on printed marketing material and online advertising. Market research is carried out before we start on a logo design project. We check out your competitors and evaluate what kind of logo will work best to make your business stand out and get you noticed.

Finished artwork for each logo design is created in Vector Graphics file format. Logo files are output and supplied in all of the formats you may require (eg JPG, PNG, EPS). This way, you can be sure your logo will look good at any size, whether it is for digital upload or print media reproduction.

Business Card for Oak Carpentry, Lancs, print design by Orangebox
Logo Design

A new Logo can revitalise your brand

Over time, even a successful company logo or namestyle can begin to look a bit dull and dated compared to the competition. A new logo design or redesigned logo can revitalise your brand, injecting freshness and energy into your marketing campaigns.

Orangebox Digital works with clients to make improvements to their visual presentation by developing their brand identity. This is achieved by taking a fresh look at the branding, then making changes to the design and the content of the marketing material published in digital and print media.

The upload of a new logo to a website immediately improves the look of every page. If this is combined with new styling and web page layouts, even better.  It is relatively quick and easy to change web banner advertising and the graphics displayed on social media pages, to display a new brand identity.

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