Print Design – Company Brochures, Sales and Marketing Material

Orangebox produces high quality print design that is creative and informative. Company brochures are designed to provide a strong marketing foundation to build upon. Printed brochures are ideal for distribution at trade shows, for display in reception and retail premises, to send out in a mail shot and to take along to business meetings.

Your brochures should make a lasting impression and promote your brand identity, as well as informing customers about your services and products. We believe printed marketing material still offers great value for money, as brochures and leaflets are usually kept long after an event or meeting is over. Printed brochures are easy to carry around and can be read at any time. When circulated, they help to spread the word about what your company has to offer potential customers.

Fulfil marketing objectives with brochures designed to reach your target audience

Before the design process begins, we will ask you to think about your marketing objectives. These can vary and we need to make sure we have a clear idea of what your brochure will be used for and your target audience. Before work starts on a print design layout, we like to find out as much as we can about your ideas, research the market and the competition. The design concept and page layouts usually evolve with the development of these ideas. Where possible, we like to use unique images from a photo shoot (eg product shots, business premises, machinery etc). When these are not available, we search for Stock Photos from image libraries, selecting the best possible images to use in the layouts. The best brochure text is honest and provides answers. We edit draft text provided by our clients to improve the copywriting, going for a simple and direct approach.

Printed brochures can be designed to fulfil a number of marketing objectives. They can be used to:

  • introduce and promote a new product
  • provide up-to-date information about your services
  • develop brand awareness
  • promote your website address
  • encourage people to go online and place orders

Get the most out of brochure artwork designed for print by publishing an online version, web optimised for download from your website

Brochure artwork produced for print media can also be used to create digital versions for publishing online and distributing by email. Orangebox gives you maximum value from the brochures designed for offset litho printing, by also providing you with a web optimised PDF version for upload to your website. This online resource can easily be printed on a desktop printer, downloaded or shared by email.

Our company brochures are given out at every show we attend, they are important for our marketing. Each time they are updated and reprinted, the effort you put into the design and print work is much appreciated.

Business Card for Oak Carpentry, Lancs, print design by Orangebox

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